Wellington Onyenwe

Board Member
Wellington Onyenwe
Wellington Onyenwe, Board Member, Greening Youth Foundation

Wellington Onyenwe completed his undergraduate course work with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Molecular Toxicology at the University of California-Berkeley, College of Natural Resources and a Masters of Public Health Degree in Environmental Health Sciences and Toxicology at Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Public Health Promotion and Environmental Toxicology at Georgia State University, School of Public Health.

His professional background includes Forensic Toxicology/Criminalist Technician for the Alameda County Sheri’s Oce-Criminalistics Laboratory Facilities in Northern California, along with experiences in environmental health/toxicology research projects at the Universities of California- Berkeley and Los Angeles, as well as private organizations.

Before relocating to Atlanta, Mr. Onyenwe served as an Environmental Health Science and Toxicology Consultant for numerous non-profit organizations and government agencies across California. While pursuing public health, he also opened ShamisoFoods, LLC, a company oering private catering, cheesecakes and other culinary projects; a percentage of profit is donated toward the spreading of public health awareness through projects across underrepresented/underserved communities.

He is currently serving as a Health Scientist/Environmental Toxicologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as consulting ongoing research projects with the Environmental Protection Agency. His talents have led him to lend technical assistance to Exposure Science and Emergency Response matters including the Ebola, Zika and Flint Responses, amongst other projects, in various capacities and roles.