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According to The World Bank Country Census, as of 2021, Nigeria has a population of 213 million people.  That’s just 118 million less than the United States.  In 2006, Nigeria overtook Russia in population due in part to one of the fasted growing birth rates in the world.

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Partners & Programs

To continue this work on the African continent, GYF Africa (GYFA) has established strategic partnerships with several Nigerian conservation organizations.  One of the earliest Memorandum of Understanding was executed with The Nigerian Conservation Foundation.


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Community Outreach

Empowering Tomorrow's Environmental Stewards: Welcome to the Greening Youth Foundation Africa's (GYFA) Community Outreach program—a dynamic initiative aimed at fostering environmental awareness, engagement, and positive change within local communities.


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The Greening Youth Foundation Africa's (GYFA) purpose is to involve young people who are often underrepresented, while helping them connect with the natural world and careers linked to taking care of our environment. GYFA's education programs are rooted in local cultures and involve children from nearby communities, helping them learn about healthy living and making good choices to create a healthy community as a whole. GYFA strongly believes that young people from diverse backgrounds can find valuable career opportunities in managing state and federal lands. That's why we're dedicated to forming strong partnerships with organizations that manage these lands, offering chances for young people to serve and intern, which opens doors to careers in conservation.

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