Shatiba Bradley

Chief Operating Officer, North America
Shatiba Bradley
Shatiba Bradley, Chief Operating Officer North America, Greening Youth Foundation

Shatiba is a management professional with a background in federal grant management, program operations, and social entrepreneurship.

Shatiba attended South Carolina State University as a third generation graduate, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, later earning a Master’s in Business Administration. While in school a chance encounter with a Park Ranger changed her career path forever.

Shatiba would go on to work as an Interpretative Park Ranger in some of the greatest treasures the National Park Service has to offer.

Her love for the great outdoors would lead her down the path of working with Fire and Aviation as a Training Specialist in Arizona, New Mexico, Alabama, Texas and California. Shatiba is committed to being the change she wants to see in the world. Joining Greening Youth Foundation has allowed her to continue to inspire people of color to take the path less traveled in life, though choosing careers in conservation.