Mikeriya Bond

Program Manager
Mikeriya Bond
Mikeriya Bond, Program Manager, Greening Youth Foundation

Mikeriya K. Bond was born in Macon, Georgia and raised in the Metro Atlanta area.

Interestingly, she did not begin to talk until she was 2 ½ years old. As a teen still struggling to find her voice and emerge from her shell, she trained in a performing arts troupe under the direction of Tony Award winning Broadway director Kenny Leon. Leon is known most notably for August Wilson’s Fences starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. Her performance in the August Wilson Monologue National Competition earned her a spot to compete nationally on Broadway in New York.

After hanging up her Drama Queen crown she earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from Fisk University.

Her fire and passion for making an impact and creating change in her community was fueled at Fisk. During her years at Fisk University, she aided in chartering a nationally recognized organization NACWC (The National Association For Colored Women Club) on campus. She continued her devotion to their mission by continuing to commit time and service to her community.

Mikeriya K. Bond interned with Greening Youth Foundation in 2021 as a HBCUI Forest Service intern. She was able to enhance her skills through data collection and community engagement during her internship. Her internship allowed her to become proficient in iTree (a collection of urban and rural forestry analysis and benefit assessment tools) and become an iTree Specialist.

Currently, Mikeriya works as a program manager for HBCUI, Intern X, and Individual placements across the country. Her responsibilities include recruitment, internship experience management with federal agencies partners, alumni engagement, environmental education, and outreach.

In her spare time, Mikeriya enjoys gardening and creating merchandise for her small business, M&B Graphics and Designs.