Justice Onyebuchi Ichetaonye

Director of Operations - Greening Youth Foundation Africa
Justice Onyebuchi Ichetaonye, Director of Operations, Greening Youth Foundation Africa
Justice Onyebuchi Ichetaonye, Director of Operations, Greening Youth Foundation Africa
Justice is a powerful force in the workplace and he uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Justice has always aspire to be part of a leading team in an organization whose work environment encourages optimal innovativeness, productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, competitiveness and advancement in his career.
Justice is very fortunate to have learned from youth about the power of resiliency, embracing and honoring who they are, reminding them of their value in this world, and truly listening to them especially when making decisions that impact their lives.
Justice has utilized his positive energy and sense of humor to create and nurture holistic relationships with the youth he supports. He believes in a strengths-based approach, believing in a youth’s ability to drive and determine their own future.
Outside of the school year, Justice focuses on connecting with community partners and local police departments to raise awareness about suburban youth homelessness.
Justice has an extensive history working with youth, starting his career as an outreach worker with Peace Corps of Nigeria. He quickly became a leader in the outreach community, using his expertise and connections to create the “Guide to the Streets” for youth and young adults. Justice continues to share his knowledge and skill with the youth-serving community as he leads trainings, especially about how to work with youth who are commercially sexually exploited as well as parenting youth and homelessness.
Justice has worked with youth experiencing homelessness in his communities. Justice is committed to embracing positive youth development, trauma informed care and harm reduction practices and truly believes in the strength and ability of young people. Justice is honored to work with young people on a daily basis and seeks out opportunities to help them recognize their awesomeness. He is committed to working collaboratively with community partners to develop and implement strategic solutions to end youth homelessness.
Justice has a bachelor’s degree in Economics Education from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a certified member with Peace Corp Of Nigeria that is focused On Citizenship And Youth development,
Leadership Training, Peace Communications, Security And Safety Management, Capacity Building And Innovation.