Jude Isong | Senior Programs Manager | Greening Youth Foundation Africa
Jude Isong | Senior Programs Manager | Greening Youth Foundation Africa

Jude is an extroverted problem-solver with a passion for sustainability and finding innovative solutions to complex challenges. With his extensive experience in project management and solar, he is excited to join the Greening Youth Foundation Africa, a leading organization that fosters productivity, healthy competition, creativity, and career growth.

Believing in the potential of youth, Jude strives to inspire and nurture their unique talents, empowering them to shape their own future through strength and intelligence. He actively engages with groups and communities to foster youth development, initiating tech classes and participating in youth development initiatives.

Jude's dedication to the well-being of young and vulnerable individuals is evident through his involvement in prison, motherless home, and hospital visitations. Furthermore, he has successfully established coaching centers to nurture youth talents.

Jude holds a teacher education degree and a computer science diploma from reputable universities, providing him with a strong foundation in education and technology. His expertise is further complemented by his certifications in IT Support, social media marketing, and digital marketing. Currently, he is pursuing a project management certification to enhance his skills in innovation, technology-driven problem-solving, and human capacity development.

With his combination of skills, passion for sustainability, and experience in project management and solar, Jude is eager to contribute to the mission of the Greening Youth Foundation Africa and make a positive impact on the environment and the lives of young individuals.