Green Stop Sign

A study on diversity retention rates in the Environmental Workplace
Presented in joint collaboration with a student team from Brigham Young University

As part of a collaborative effort between students at Brigham Young University and the Greening Youth Foundation, a survey was designed to study the trend of why diverse students do not stay in the environmental field after completing internship programs. In understanding why this happens, GYF would be able to reshape and improve our internship programs to reverse this trend, as well as present solutions for change to our partners as well.

We have finished our analysis of the survey results and put the results in a report that we are pleased to share with you. Click the link below to download the report, and see yourself the results of our hard work!

The Green Stop Sign Survey Report > hot link to: https://gyfoundation.orgfiles/galleries/The%20Green%20Stop%20Sign.pdf
We have recorded a podcast with two members of the BYU team who worked on this project. If you are interested in a deep dive into the workings and results, check out the podcast here! (“here” is a hot link to:

Meet the Student Team

Susan Davidson

Susan grew up in Northern Virginia and has loved being able to access urban landmarks in Washington, D.C., and enjoy outdoor activities in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She now studies Economics at BYU, and minors in International Development and Environmental Science. She has learned to love living in a new city (and a new mountain range).

Susan now works at the Ballard Center for Social Impact as a career development specialist. She has discovered a passion for social impact careers, and loves to spend time helping students find knowledge and skills that allow them to pursue their passions. Susan hopes to continue her work after graduation as a professional career coach for university students that want to make an impact in their lives.

Whitley Sargent

Whitley grew up on a small farm in Heber City, Utah. She enjoys anything outside from rock climbing to playing soccer. Whitley served an LDS mission in Baltimore, Maryland where she found a desire to help and serve refugees and immigrants. She loves getting to know different people and their culture and language. She knows Spanish and is currently working on learning Chinese.

Whitley received her Associates Degree in Social Science from BYU-Hawaii before transferring to BYU to pursue the Experience and Design Management.

Christina Packard

Christina grew up in a small town called Vidor, Texas. Her mother is Filipino, and her father is Caucasian. Her Filipino heritage is very important to her. She loves gathering together, singing, sharing stories, and eating great food.

Christina is currently a Junior, pursuing studies in the advertising program. Her passion since childhood has been team-building. She loves finding ways to involve her teammates in a way that captures their talents and strengths. Overall she enjoys working on projects that make a difference in the world and creates positive change!
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