Community Solutions Program 2022-2023 Fellow

This fall, Greening Youth is renewing its partnership with the Community Solutions Program. The
Community Solutions Program (CSP) is a global leadership development program funded by the
U.S. Department of State and implemented by IREX. Together, GYF and CSP will collaborate on a
unique approach to leadership development by building the capacity of grassroots and civil
society leaders across the world to power change in their communities. As part of this
partnership, GYF will host a fellow for three months to assist with our programmatic initiatives
and organizational objectives. In return, the fellow will gain valuable, real world experience for
non-profit management and community improvement programming. The CSP fellow will also
receive a certificate of 10 continuing education units (CEUs) from George Mason University
(GMU) as a part of the CSP Community Leadership Institute training program.
Our 2022 GYF CSP Practicum Fellow is Qurratu’aini Qayyimah Al-zezy. Qayyimah is a mentor for
the Young Professionals Network and has experience in mentoring Bruneian youth and
integrating youth into the outdoors, nature, and the environment. Qayyimah is working with our
GYF Urban Youth Corp and our workforce development programs. We have fully welcomed her
into the GYF family and she is quickly becoming a vital part of our team.
Qurratu’aini Qayyimah Al-Zelzy
[email protected]
GYF collaboration with Bethany Hall School, Ogudu-Lagos, Nigeria
September 28, 2022
Greening Youth Foundation Africa is excited to enter into a strategic partnership with Bethany
Hall School Ogudu, Lagos, Nigeria.
This MOU will explore mutual opportunities for Greening Youth Foundation Africa and Bethany
Hall School to work collaboratively whenever possible and appropriate towards the promotion
and development of culturally relevant environmental education and conservation projects
surrounding children and youth participants in Lagos Nigeria.
The GYF team will conduct environmental education activities at Bethany Hall School twice a
month instructing the pupils on the importance and the need for healthy living, sustainable plant
life, and the need to maintain a clean environment.
This partnership with Bethany Hall School will bring about positive changes and improvement in
the pupil's general overview of Healthy Living, Nature, Conservation/Wildlife and Environmental