New International Partnership Announcement: Growald Family Fund 



GYF is happy to announce their partnership with the Growald Family Fund. The partnership will focus on recruitment, placement and training fellows to work at the Growald Family Fund international partner sites. Potential programs participants will be selected from HBCUs across a wide variety of disciplines and careers related to the advancement of sustainability and environmental justice.  


Through this partnership, we will focus on increasing diversity in environmental organizations and increase the number of recent graduates with international experiences. GYF brings our experience in developing and strengthening young adults transitioning from universities into the workforce, while building the capacity of host organizations, ensuring that this program is symbiotic for both parties.



Growald Family Fund began its journey 13 years ago funding four organizations, and has since supported nearly 80 organizations worldwide. While their strategies and geographical focus areas have shifted over time, they've remained committed to three pillars of work: venture philanthropy portfolio, furthering the field, and network leadership. Growald Family Fund stands by their values and manifest them in their workplace culture. As a foundation, they are uniquely positioned to embody these values and pioneer new workplace cultures.
The organization is guided by the following core values:


•    Collaboration: This means that they not only work closely together on key projects, but also follow a cross-organizational, agile leadership model.


•    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Prioritize and value diversity and multiculturalism.


•    Innovation:  Believe in a culture of innovation and creativity, where every team member is encouraged to find the role they will flourish in and to actively seek learning opportunities.


•    Work-Life Integration: Aim for work-life integration rather than work-life balance. They believe in a family-friendly work style that enables leadership in the workplace regardless of gender.

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